Gavin Prest Photography

Photographer in Hornsea

As a photographer I love to create images with a narrative and give my viewers reasons to ask questions. My love for portraiture allows my creativity to express this story telling side of my craft.

Having been brought up with black and white film I have a passion for this medium. With a colour image I feel you can sometimes be distracted by the different sensations on the eye whereas with black and white your focus is purely on the subject of the image. I do shoot colour and love the results but I will always remain a black and white fan for its truth, grittiness and power.

I have lived on the East Coast of Yorkshire all my life and have spent many hours capturing the beauty of this environment - landscapes, beach-scapes, people, local landmarks, events etc., - these are the things that inspire me and it is a privilege to be able to share them.

In the Press

Gavin featured in Pentaprism magazine

I was very fortunate to have been selected to be interviewed by one of the most prestigious photographic magazine, Pentaprism.

An interview with myself and a showcase of my creative images was well received in photographic circles.

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